About Asia

Covering the biggest proportion of the world's surface this richly woven continent provides experiences for all the senses. The abundance of countries that fit under the Asian umbrella incorporate a wealth of extremes. Wrap up warm for a trek through the Himalayas, make pots of tea in Darjeeling with local sherpas, or dare to explore outer Mongolia and the silk roads that lead through Russia to China. Venture further south and you'll be able to find the roots that inspire much of the cooking we've grown to love in the west. Why not take a local cookery course to take back a souvenir that you can cherish for longer than just the plane journey home. The huge sub-continent of India enchants almost everyone who ever graces her shores; but not just for the monuments or elephants, the cuisine or the culture. Landscape and the local character of the people is what draws people in time and time again. The wildlife is also something that gets people hooked - nowhere else will you witness Komodo Dragons, Orang-utans and Bengal Tigers. But if all tea plantations, tropical islands and beach life gets too much, city slickers can retreat to Asian cityscapes like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for world class theatre, restaurants, art, zany technology and of course, shopping.