About Nepal

One word says it all when it comes to Nepal: Himalaya. This magical mountainous kingdom sits high on the spine of the World's most famous mountain range. Nerve tingling scenery, a complex culture and some of the best walking trails in the world all contrive to make Nepal a real Shangri-La for the intrepid adventure traveller. Nepal is the adventure travel centre of Southern Asia. Trek to the top of the world, raft down raging rapids, bathe with elephants or just contemplate the meaning of life, the universe and everything in this most spiritual of nations.
For the majority of the locals, life in Nepal adds new meaning to living on the edge. Life is a delicate balance of high altitude, hard work and social festivities, all steeped heavily in ancient tradition. Nepal is culturally rich country. The intermingling of traditions and faiths has created an intricate tapestry where religious tolerance and harmony are the norm. Many different ethnic groups co-exist here, all with their own distinct social identities and cultural patterns.