About Caribbean

Caribbean holidays are all about luxury, rest and relaxation. Find your home on one of the 7000 islands and join in with a slower pace that still doesn't skimp on excitement. Towering mountain ranges swathed with lush vegetation make this tropical landscape a hotspot for flora and fauna - your only challenge will be to find the perfect palm to lie beneath. In one of the sultry bars, get a handle on the local ‘patois' lingo for an interjection of authenticity with the locals who live their lives by rum and rhythm. Dine on decks built out over the ocean, catch your own fish boat side or picnic deep in the tropical rainforest - the cuisine really should bear the Made in Paradise hallmark. Get into the warm waters by jumping on the back of a jet-ski or ride waves sky high for an exhilarating twist on this otherwise haven of tranquillity.