About Barbados

Of all the Caribbean islands, Barbados is the one that remained British throughout its colonial history. Still occasionally referred to as ‘Little England' it displays an endearing set of British quirks and traditions, from afternoon tea to horse racing and cricket (something of a national obsession). Fortunately, the British weather is not among them. Instead visitors can look forward to a balmy, tropical climate cooled by constant sea breezes.
Barbados is one of the most developed Caribbean islands, which means it has an excellent infrastructure, a strong choice of exclusive hotels and an abundance of exceptional restaurants. It's also densely populated, although you are only aware of this in the capital, Bridgetown. The east coast is less developed and popular with surfers with its dramatic waves, while the west coast is best for swimming.
English is the official language but the more flamboyant African influences pervade local life in the crafts, art, literary works and the cuisine. But one of the most important things that make this such a wonderful place are the delightful Barbadian people, warm, open, funny and kind.

Key Information

  • Time difference
    GMT -4HRS
  • Fight Time
    approx 9 hours
  • Local currency
    Barbadian Dollar