About Jamaica

One of the most colourful and largest islands in the Caribbean, Jamaica is blessed with idyllic, white sand beaches and bright, tropical flora set against a backdrop of stunning mountain peaks.
Stroll through leafy parks to lovely colonial towns, cascading waterfalls and breathtaking, crescent-shaped beaches. Jamaica attracts a refreshing mix of tourists with its exquisite sands - considered by many islanders to be the closest thing to heaven on earth - intimate coves and bays, consistently wonderful weather, lively clubs and fabulous restaurants, not to mention world-class golf. Sizzling Montego Bay's reputation as a party town is deserved. The best place to experience Jamaican nightlife, it is also a paradise for shoppers, offering exquisite hand-loomed fabrics, intricate embroidery and boasts a 10-mile shoreline bordered by stunning coral reefs and turquoise waters. For a more bohemian atmosphere, the laid-back town of Negril boasts a 7-mile stretch of pristine beach lined with fashionable beach bars in bubblegum hues. Inland, rich coffee aromas invite you to hike along the enchanting Martha Brae River through the misty Blue Mountains.
A short distance along the coast, discover the ‘real' Jamaica amidst bustling street markets of ackee, yam, breadfruit and, of course, kulu kulu rum. This island has a richness and variety that will take your breath away. It exudes energy and charm, not least from its delightful people. Whether you choose to explore or relax, be active or be pampered, Jamaica's soft, sweeping beaches, cascading waterfalls and beautiful, remote villages cannot fail to entice. The birthplace of Bob Marley and the very essence of the Caribbean, it is a land of Rastafarians, rum and reggae; a riot of red, gold, and green. Rice-and-peas, coffee and cricket are in the soul of this magical island.

Key Information

  • Time difference
    GMT -5HRS
  • Fight Time
    approx 9.5 hours
  • Local currency
    Jamaican Dollar