Saint Lucia

About Saint Lucia

Small is beautiful, they say; Saint Lucia is no exception. Just 27 miles long and 14 miles wide, it is a natural nirvana that seduces the romantic in everyone fortunate enough to immerse themselves in its exotic treasures. Among the most mountainous of the Caribbean Islands, its abundance of natural charms is remarkable steep coastlines.
St. Lucia is the sort of island you might picture as the setting of a story set in paradise - a romantic, tropical gem which is still relatively unknown. With a shape which aptly resembles a mango, its eastern shore is kissed by the Atlantic Ocean, while the beaches of the west coast are gently lapped by the calm Caribbean Sea. St. Lucia could be mistaken for an island in the South Pacific. Its soaring twin coastal peaks provide shelter for glorious rain forests broken only by green fields and flourishing orchards of mango, banana, coconut and papaya trees.
Inhabited since long before colonial times, St. Lucia's cultural treasures form a fascinating patchwork combining its rich past and its many traditions, including a strong British and French influence. The island's people are known for their warmth and charm, their friendliness and hospitality a genuine welcome to enjoy St. Lucia's leisurely lifestyle.
St. Lucia boasts a broad and diverse array of exciting and exotic activities, with a wealth of natural wonders to keep visitors enthralled, including, perhaps most notably, the world's only drive-in volcanic crater, Soufrière. Sheer coastlines and pristine reefs offer remarkable snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities. St. Lucia's inland tropical rainforests are among the Caribbean's finest locales for trekking and bird watching. The island also boasts exceptional golf, tennis and sailing facilities, as well as a multitude of other leisure pursuits.

Key Information

  • Time difference
    GMT -4HRS
  • Fight Time
    approx 9 hours
  • Local currency
    Eastern Caribbean Dollar