Baltic States

About Baltic States

Jump into a car and tour this gem of a country at your own pace and discover historic towns, ancient fortifications, endless forests, sparkling lakes and the deserted Baltic coast.
One of Europe's best-kept secrets, you will find a country of boundless forests, clear lakes and white -sand beaches. The tiny capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, with its exquisite Baroque Old Town, reflects a diversity of influences from Germany, Poland, Russia and Scandinavia. The influence of legendary US rock musician, Frank Zappa, is not so clear but his statue on Kalinausko defines the quirky nature of Lithuania.
Estonia never quite became a true Soviet republic following its annexation by Stalin in 1940, somehow maintaining its language and culture. Now a dynamic western European country following independence in 1991, you will be dazzled by medieval Tallinn, formidable castles, wilderness areas and pristine beaches.