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"Big lights will inspire you". That's certainly true of a country that lights up the rest of the world in more ways than one. Not just the luminous strip of Las Vegas and her casinos, but through TV, film, internationally acclaimed music, art and inspirational culture the USA transmits her sunny rays worldwide. Enviably, you can find yourselves eating the best and freshest food in the land, strolling around vast state-of-the art shopping malls and multiplex cinemas, and taking a cooling dip in the ocean or at one of the great lakes all within one afternoon. Astounding open and mesmerizing landscapes won't fail to captivate. Hire a car and drive coast to coast, picking up an Elvis impersonator along the way or taking a quick look into space from NASA's base in Houston. Further north, the beautiful people, vineyards and sands of California's golden state lead upwards to Seattle and over into Chicago for an altogether different American experience. Deep in the heart of the country you'll find smaller farms and quaint qualities that outstrip all previous impersonations painted of regions like these. Play Indiana Jones through Monument Valley or jump on a power boat in Florida's everglades and then melt into the pot of flourishing cultures back in the cities. Let's hear it for America.