South America

About South America

No other area can rival the diversity of South America. With the hot and spicy mindset that dominates Central America through to the chilly wilderness and vast open plains of the End of the Earth in Patagonia this huge land mass is a mosaic of glittering tiles that all form one magnificent opportunity for adventure.

Through cuisine, dance, art and big splashes of colour, South Americans convey their distinct and infectious personalities in a way others struggle to imitate. And they can't wait to extend their spirit and warmth to visitors. As a gateway to the natural world you'll come across rare and raw spectacular scenery every step of the way. Witness Mother Nature's best in a place designed for extraordinary cultural, adventure travel. Capture your own dazed facial expressions at Iguaçu's thunderous waterfalls, peaks of the Andes that graze the sky, vast green Argentine pampas, magnificent coloured desert lakes in Bolivia's Atacama Desert - it's reactions like these that make the perfect holiday picture. Unprecedented views reign in the Amazon basin, swathed in colour and wildlife. Come up from diving along the tropical Caribbean coast to a world that defines lust for life and intertwine yourselves around the history and development that binds these countries together. Cruise South America from the narrow strip of Panama to the trail and legacy of Charles Darwin's Evolution on the Galapagos Islands, where you'll likely come up with a few theories of your own; South America really is amazing.